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Sterowniki urządzeń dla Linuksa

cb710: ENE CB710

Sterownik czytnika kart SD/MMC/MS/SM ENE CB710

Driver for ENE CB710 flash card reader. (Upstream since Linux v2.6.31)

NOTE: Newer versions of the driver might work with earlier kernel versions, but I don't verify if it even compiles with them.

If you really need earlier versions, you can try and git pull http://rere.qmqm.pl/~mirq/git/cb710-driver

gmac351x: StorLink/Cortina Systems "Gemini" SOC Gigabit Ethernet MAC

Sterownik modułu Ethernet w NAS IcyBox-4220B

Driver for IcyBox-4220B Ethernet module.

a.k.a. Gemini SOC, a.k.a. SL351x GMAC