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Programiki różnorakie.

logzz: Logic image solver

Simple prog to solve logic images.


mqnewsbot: News teaching bot

News bot: analyzes users' postings and replies with errors found.

Documentation: source code only for now. Setup:

./bot.pl -C

vim config # and remove error_* and other settings if you don't need to customize them

./bot.pl -A # announces itself on configured group (in Polish)

./bot.pl # one-shot mode: check group and reply

nohup ./bot.pl -S seconds # 'daemonize' and check group every 'seconds'

All logs go to STDERR.

2009/02/10: *SECURITY* Versions before 0.99.24 had a security flaw that allowed execution of arbitrary perl code on bot's restart. Fixed by git commit 5b2487c01d89738349e4cbdc702febcb6f63941c.

sudoku: Sudoku / Sudoku X solver

This little prog in C++ solves sudoku. If the debug version does not say 'UFF...', then you gave it too easy set to solve. ;)

Don't use this for cheating. ;P

As usual - input file format should be obvious. If not, use the source, Luke! ;]


1. untar into an empty directory

2. make test

3. cp sudoku{,-dbg} /usr/bin/ (or wherever you want it)

time-sum: Worktime-log accounter

Analyser for simple work-time logs.

Input logs are plain-text files with a state-change lines tagged with `date` output and a category.

varia: Various simple tools

Various simple tools