Tu znajdziesz łatki do programu autodia (UML diagram generator for many computer language source files).

łatka: autodia-2.03-cpp-add-cc-suffix.patch
Automatically recognize .cc files as C++.
łatka: autodia-2.03-cpp-fixes.patch
Fixes for C++ parser:
 - handle classes introduced by 'struct' keyword
 - ignore forward class declarations
 - fix duplicate class handling
 - handle namespaced class names
 - "handle" array field declarations
łatka: autodia-2.03-dia-template-fixes.patch
Couple of fixes and enchancements for dia output:
  - fix double XML-escaping of values
  - fix type for "value" attribute
  - set "orth_autoroute" = "true" to ease diagram manipulation in dia
  - add support for static fields/methods
  - add support for virtual/abstract methods
łatka: autodia-2.03-gccxml-parser.patch
GCCXML output parser with couple hacks. Works For Me(tm).